Information Technology

Access Group has been in the forefront in delivering cutting-edge Information Technology solutions to many industries. Whether it is implementing turnkey solutions, evaluating new automation solutions or systems, integrating or upgrading current systems or developing applications from scratch, our professional team has an ongoing commitment.

Among the many solutions provided by us is development of cloud computing and collaboration solutions for the Telcos / service providers which are leading the way in Telco’s effort to increase revenue in an increasingly competitive connectivity market.

An interactive directory services, a myriad of Value-Added-Services (VAS) for the mobile users in collaboration with the Mobile Service Providers is among the many solutions offered by the company in the telecommunications industry.

We also provide a suite of products which include Patient Management Systems, Hospital Management Information Systems, Pharmacy Management Systems for the healthcare sector as well as Asset Management Systems, Fleet Management System, HRM Systems etc for other corporate sectors.

In addition we also carry a portfolio of world class solutions offered in partnership with top of the range development houses. Staying close to the project, processes, and people to guarantee our success, we believe in bringing world class solutions combined with global best practices which are implemented and delivered on time, creating solutions within budget and maintaining industry standard & quality.

Our operations

  • Marine Terminal Operating Systems
  • Yard Management Systems for Marine Terminals
  • Container Handling Equipment Management
  • Powerstow for Shipping Agents
  • Simulation Modeling for Training and Productivity
  • Biometric and Secure ID Solutions
  • Ground Handling Optimization for Airports
  • IPLC Services/Managed Hub Services
  • Transportation and Logistics Solutions
  • Consultancy Services for Hydro Plants
  • Wind Power Solutions