The Access Group is involved in the field of property though its property development activities as well as operating its flagship building of “Access Towers”. Access Towers, renowned for its architectural splendor and ‘Intelligent’ design, encompasses a modern and impressive office complex. Located in the business district of Colombo at Union Place, Colombo 2, this building consists of 12 floor levels and two basements.

The towers are adorned with a double glazed tempered glass curtain wall. The outer pavements are paved with Italian cobble stones and granite. Lobbies, office floors & bathrooms are cladded with rich Italian marble & granite adding a touch of grandeur and luxury.

Access Towers is within easy access to a great many corporations in the vicinity. The World Trade Centre, for example, which is the centre of most important commercial enterprises and other corporate establishments, hotels and shopping malls is conveniently located creating a business hub in the surrounding area.

Consisting of state of the art facilities such as marble cladded elevators, basement car park, air-conditioning, fire and security and sanitary amenities, Access Towers can be termed as an ideal setting for a lucrative business establishment.