The Access Group has been very actively engaged in the field of Water Projects and Special Projects for the past 14 years. We have been involved in the construction of several major habour development projects, tank bunds, irrigation canals and anicuts, flood control projects etc. In addition to the construction work our portfolio also includes products and services including supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment, plant automation for water supply and sewage systems, irrigation systems, hydrograph & oceanography equipment, ductile iron, HDPE & vitrified clay pipes & fittings, supply and installation of submersible/ dewatering/ engine driven pumps and domestic water meters etc.

These diverse business activities have been conducted with many government entities such as the National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Colombo Municipal Council, Irrigation Department etc., as well as many other private and non-governmental organizations, in the field of water and trade.

The bottled drinking water, which is marketed under the brand name of ‘Aquafresh’, is today a market leader, offering an entire range of sizes, from the 18.9 liter dispensers to six sizes of personal use bottles. Having achieved quality standards and processes authorized by SLS 894, ISO 9001: 2000 and Dutch HACCP systems certification.

Having carefully selected the ideal location at a high elevation in the foothills of Udagamkanda by the Labugama, Kalatuwawa forest reserve, our ultra-modern, custom designed factory is situated right at the water source. Drawing water from protected deep wells over 200 ft beneath the surface, the water goes through a biological purification system designed by Dr. Harin Corea PhD. This mimics the natural filtration method and is totally free of chemicals throughout the entire bottling process.

Aquafresh is also the proud holder of the United Nations “Water for Life” Award 2005. Furthermore, Aquafresh had the honor of being the first local bottled water to be served on the national carrier Sri Lankan Airlines.